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All online portals have been personally tested as male members by our team. So we want to get a realistic impression

All reports are written by ourselves with love and are based on our personal experiences of the respective page

We attach great importance to communication with the female members. This is the only way we can really expose fake members.

In order to be able to write authentic test reports for the presented pages, we have tested these portals ourselves over a longer period of time.

For this purpose, various male members of our team made themselves available as test subjects, concluded a premium / VIP membership, completely filled out their profile on the respective pages and uploaded a meaningful picture. This is the only way to get a realistic impression of the site, especially with regard to the number of active members, the ratio of men to women and the discretion of the site.

In order to get a feeling for the response rates of the women, we thought up a welcome message on the respective pages and sent it to a correspondingly large number of women in our area. After two weeks, we checked what answers we got back and whether they were answers from real members.

After careful consideration, we removed supposedly free sites from our test, as they unfortunately only led to poor results overall. On the pages that were initially free, the response rates of women were mostly so low or were written by fake members that one way or another, in the end, the male members got the money out of their pockets. Often they tried to lure us to other dubious sites or to persuade us to send money to the female members. From this we have come to the conclusion that men who are actually looking for real women to cheat on are better advised on the paid sites that initially appear less attractive.

Ultimately, it must be taken into account that as a rule only members who mean business can register on these paid sites. Women without serious interests, or even fake members, generally shy away from spending money on these sites, which serves as a natural filter.

Nevertheless, there are also better and worse portals with more or fewer women on the paid casual dating portals. Against this background, we consider the currently hottest portals and form an opinion on them.

We asked ourselves this question at the beginning of our research. One often hears that online dating portals only feature fake women or only women with financial interests. So we too were skeptical about what to expect. It is true that there are many portals to which these prejudices apply. These pages have landed on our blacklist. There are real flesh and blood women on all of the pages found on our leaderboard above.

But who can you find here? Our results were really surprising. Of course, everyone is initially completely anonymous on the portals and, if they do not want to, will not be recognized by neighbors or other people in their own environment. Each member decides for himself how far he or she wants to be found on the portals. Nevertheless, many female members are currently in the protected premium area, which can only be viewed by other premium members, but eager to show off.

Many of these women are in relationships themselves, are married or have already been divorced. Basically all of them are looking for an adventure and men with the same interests and preferences. Against this background, these online portals serve as the ideal search field to identify possible interfaces before contact is made. Many of the above-mentioned casual dating portals work with a kind of profile on which users can fill out their interests and wishes in advance.

In view of the large number of portals, men in particular often ask themselves which site they should best register with. This is often related to your own search motivation. Of course, we cannot take all interests into account in our test, but we have tried to cover the most important criteria from our point of view. Therefore, we base our ranking list on the standards that play an important role for every male user, such as the quota of women or the response behavior of the women contacted. In principle, however, our readers can be sure that they will definitely meet real women on the pages we have presented

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