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write humorous and not perverse! Remember: honesty pays! Write what you are looking for, but don’t limit yourself too much, it could put women off. In your profile text, write a call to action that encourages the women to answer or write to you.

Sexual interests: Enter your sexual preferences here. If you can write something yourself, hold back a little and don’t be too perverted. You are looking for a normal woman, not a porn star, after all.

Basically: The more normal (not boring) you appear in your profile, the more women will click on it and contact you, or simply reply to your message. However, if your profile gives the impression that you are a perverted, wacky psycho, then you will NOT get any responses and you will never have sex!

When you have completed your profile you can immediately start looking for women / men in your area. It is advisable not to restrict the search criteria too much in order to have more choice.

If you have found women who meet your expectations, then you can contact them immediately. It is always advisable to write an email first.

You should not use the “Send kiss” function, as you will not receive an answer. Women want to be written to by men!

Always try to write to as many women as possible in order to have more chances and to get to sex dates faster.

No Spam: Never send the same message to a group of women. Bulky emails don’t belong on dating sites!

The subject must encourage people to continue reading: Write a subject that makes the woman curious and encourages reading. If your subject text is clumsy and boring, the woman will not even open your message to read.

Don’t write desperate one-liners: “hey baby, you’re cute … what’s up?” It will not work!

Show genuine interest in the woman: You need to compliment the women and include something from their profile in the message.

Include something from her profile in the message to the woman. In this case, you could, for example, make an allusion to the fact that she is looking for a lesbian experience and that you are also up for a threesome. Then you ask what she would think of it. That is teasing, personal and contains a call to action!

Encourage women to act: Your message must contain a question or a call for action in order for you to get an answer. Avoid clumsy questions like “do you want to fuck?” Etc.

Don’t flirt too aggressively: If you hang out the plyer too much, it will put women off.

Don’t be perverted: don’t write the text perverted or boring. Your tail length and the like do not belong in the first mail!

Be patient: don’t expect all women to answer you within a few minutes. Not every woman is online all the time or has time to answer. However, so that you don’t have to wait for an answer from a single woman, you should always write to several women at the same time!

This procedure on XPartner also applies to other sites. As already mentioned, it is always advisable to use at least 2 to 3 different sex date sites in order to have more chances (multiple sites = more women!) And faster success.

There are a few things you can do to determine if a profile is fake or not. This will help you avoid wasting time with profiles of hookers and cheaters.

So you don’t have to worry, the top pages are constantly monitored by a support team, which immediately deletes fake profiles. Users can also report fake profiles to support immediately.

Is the person showing their face? If she doesn’t, it’s either because she’s shy or because they’re hookers and hobby whores who don’t want to be recognized.

Does the woman look like a model? Unfortunately, this is often the case with women who look too good to be true. Most women looking for sex partners online are normal women and not models or porn stars.

Do the photos look very professional? You can also recognize fake profiles by photos that simply look too professional. Nobody looking for sex goes to the photo studio especially for this.

Is your German very bad? There is nothing wrong with it if someone does not speak or write German well. But it should call you to be careful. Unfortunately, it happens now and then that Eastern European fraud gangs are out on erotic dating sites.

Do women contact you with determined messages? If a woman tells you in the first email that she wants to meet you for sex, then you should be careful! That sounds hard like fake or fraud. Most women on sex contact sites are actively looking for a sex partner

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