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– In the meantime, not only usable via Facebook profile, but also with your own user profile (but with details of the telephone number)

– It often takes a while for the Tinder algorithm to spit out suggestions that are at least visually more or less in line with your own preferences (and I still don’t know if I’m even imagining it – but over time the selection got better and better)

– Patience is required – because even if you have matched, that doesn’t mean that the next date is already around the corner

– What was an advantage for me can be a disadvantage for others: Many users are actually only looking for sex – and some do not shy away from the crudest, misguided attempts at “dirty talk”

– Users who quickly get to know a lot of people and who may also want to try out themselves – and who don’t immediately scream “yuck” when a slippery message arrives

– People who have the nerve and also a certain talent for virtual communication – because if you get entangled in endless, poorly targeted conversations with every match, you are quickly exhausted

– Definitely for everyone who is up for sex – but also for people who want to get to know other exciting people

OkCupid is the hipster among dating apps – at least that’s what the website and the look of the app suggest. Personally, I haven’t become a big fan of the platform developed in the USA. But other friends were more successful and therefore more satisfied. Here are the experiences I and other users have gathered:

– Here, too, the selection is large, because OKCupid is one of the oldest dating platforms and is accordingly known.

– The audience is mixed, but the density of young, open and halfway charming big city dwellers is relatively high.

– That was a bit too much for me, but OKCupid asks the user a lot of questions in order to narrow down the selection of suggested users.

– Getting in touch is quick and uncomplicated – friends of mine also think that this is not just about sex and that people are more willing to meet on a “normal” date with an uncertain outcome.

– I always had the feeling that a lot of users don’t know what they want here – or are reluctant to make specific announcements.

– Somehow too cerebral – maybe also because all the questions about preferences and wishes and ideas about life mean that expectations are potentially higher than with Tinder

– Users who would like to spend a little more time in their profile than with Tinder

– People for whom Tinder is too direct – although there are clumsy and concrete turn-ons at OkCupid too

– Users who mainly want to get to know and date people from their own area – because you can definitely force that here

A long time ago I tried Feeld with a good friend and sex partner. And back then, rather few, but really good experiences. The same thing happened to other couples or play partners in my environment. The most important thing for newbies: Feeld was once called 3nder, in other words: People who want a threesome, foursome and couple experience cavort here. But that is still a little too brief.

– It is pretty clear here what it is about – and these are mainly sexual experiences apart from a man-woman-monogamous relationship.

– Users can register alone or in pairs – so also introduce the partner who wants to participate and chat together.

– With Feeld, it makes sense to provide key data: for example, which sexual preferences and kinks you have, what or whom you are looking for and who should play along if necessary.

– The number of those who are desperate for sex is rather small – there are often people who want to have sex party nights together or just get to know each other.

– The community is still relatively manageable, so significantly fewer users than Tinder and Co; but there are more

– Above all, many couples, according to their own statement, are in the mood for something new and variety in bed – but when it becomes specific, some withdraw or do not yet know exactly what they want themselves.

– Feeld is actually too sensitive for many users, i.e. they want to remain anonymous as possible; that is understandable, but that means that often no photos of the face are put into the profile – and that makes the selection more difficult or it takes several attempts until you really know who you are looking at.

– Actually everyone who is NOT specifically looking for a new partner, but is interested in (new) sexual experiences

– Here couples can get to know couples, women or men can test their first threesome with another couple, gain same-sex experience or maybe even find a bed partner who finally has the same sexual preference as you do.

– People who want to exchange ideas about sexual preferences and desires in a concrete, but sophisticated manner, often with an involved partner – whether the whole thing then happens

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