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That has little to do with what is suggested to you in the warmly lit commercials by Elite Partner or Parship. I’m not looking for great love, I just want to have sex.

For example, a lot of my friends are addicted to Candy Crush. They really gamble all the time. At the stop, in the subway, in the lecture. Just always. I’m addicted to my dating apps. Basically, I have my cell phone in hand 24/7 and click through profiles or think about how I can make my own profile even more appealing in order to improve my chances of getting a date. And my chances are pretty good since I’ve only found women virtually.

When I recently left a girl’s apartment after having a good time together, I checked my cell phone as usual and plinged, and I had the next invitation in my box. So I went to the next date straight away. On the way I was happy like a little boy who can celebrate Christmas and my birthday at the same time. However, I have to admit that I fucked up quite a bit. Do I really have to write it out? I didn’t get one up. And that with all of my one-night-stand experience in recent years. I was seriously ashamed. Since then, I’ve tried never to put my dates on the same day.

That’s why a friend recently asked me if this compulsion wasn’t also a torture for me. In my circle of friends, only one person has found his partner via the Internet, everyone else is more traditional. That’s why many of them can’t understand what I’m doing all the time, but they tolerate it. My buddies also often don’t believe me that it’s so easy to meet up for sex via apps, and then they try it out for themselves. Most of the time, however, they give up again after a short time because they feel too stupid about it or do not do it with the necessary dedication. Beginner.

I don’t mention my inclination towards women after a friend made me pretty pissed off. She finds my behavior misogynistic – as if I had forced all these girls to sleep with me! I think the main fault that I indulge in my instincts is actually the internet and the fact that I like to have a lot of sex. I get maybe ten replies to fifty messages, and three of them end up in bed. And since I am constantly active on all portals, these three sex dates are always spread over 5 to 7 days. Approximately. Actually, it’s almost like I have a second job.

I would say that the triumph of the smartphone is also the triumph of my sex life. I have no idea if I can ever go back to a normal relationship or if I eventually get tired of having sex with another woman every few days. I also have no idea whether I would even dare to speak to a woman in real life. At the risk of sounding a bit like a cliché internet junkie: In real life I’m actually pretty shy. It must have been years since the last time I went up to a woman I liked in a club. Without any pre-prepared slogans and carefully selected profile picture. I think it didn’t turn out well.

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